MiS Kebab - Davidgasse 92-94

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Davidgasse 92-94, 1100 Wien, Austria

Phone : ūüďě +7
Postal code : 1100
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City : Wien

Davidgasse 92-94, 1100 Wien, Austria
javier cabello vicente on Google

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Absolutely the best place for eat kebab in Vienna. 100%
Klemen Vreńćer on Google

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Great Turkish food, the best döner I've had in Vienna till now, and let me tell you I'd had a lot
Nicos Pantelli on Google

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I’ve had a lot of kebabs in my life and this was genuinely the worst doner I have ever eaten. Never in my life could I imagine leaving a review for a takeaway shop, however this doner ruined my twilight marathon so I felt like I had to speak up.
Amol Kumawat on Google

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They have everything wonderful. Their meat, the yoygurt drink and milk rice pudding is so amazing. You may hace to wait due to crowd but is worth.
Chiara Fischetti on Google

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The food is good and so are the prices, and the waiters are nice. Will go back!
Alexandra Barsan on Google

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Must try! Best kebab i've ever had! The veggies are freshly cut, the meat isn't greasy or fat, the guys are very friendly! Try the box-the rice is amazing! Also durum is very tasty! Prices-cheap for the high quality
Hassan Iqbal on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Decent price and very tasty Doner Kebab available with chicken or Calf There's usually a line and you have to wait a few mins till you get it. Dine in is currently possible
Marskocoro on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

The durum is very tasty. The bread is freshly baked and the veggies are also freshly cut. Compared to other places, the meat is juice but not that greasy. I can attest that other places taste good but are filled with grease. People there are very friendly. Usually the place is full of people but you can wait for a seat, is totally worth it.

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