Döner'ci - Quellenstraße 171

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Quellenstraße 171, 1100 Wien, Austria

Postal code : 1100
Website : https://mapsite.info/donerci-538765-at
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City : Wien

Quellenstraße 171, 1100 Wien, Austria
Niteesh Shastry on Google

Tried falafel here. Taste is as usual here
jasmeet kaur on Google

There are many döner stands but this one is the best because they have this different chilli sauce not siracha, it's really yummy
Joshua Parkinson on Google

Good food, well priced
Yasmina V. on Google

I was 3 times there and the 3 times something happened! The first they told the us an incorrect price, second one they don't show exactly how the food looks like or the fix description.. I wanted to eat a hamburger and they bring me a kind of kebab with a hamburger inside... And the 3rd time I wanted to order chicken when they bring me the food that was again chicken kebab..?? the staff is very rude I don't recommend it.. ????
Omer Mirza on Google

Loved it. Tried the lamb doner, schnitzel burger,and hot dog. Loved everything. Prices were very reasonable too. I didn't try any of the Pizzas though. All of them had corn for some reason. But overall a great place for Halal food in Vienna. We went twice.
gurhan gurluk on Google

Best döner kebap in Wien. Reasonable price, delicious foods.
Philipp Wörgötter on Google

They twice tried to give me less change money. I was several times there and twice they tried to give me less change back! Kebap is good but watch the money you give in the evening hours. They try to keep more at late ours. I just go the to kebap place on the opisite site because they never tried that on me. Also the schnitzel ci (is the same company) never tried to keep more. Only kebap ci. Places like that should not exist or should employee more trustworthy people! Kebap and grilled chicken i recommend. Staff here i absolutly don't recomment. In total I don't recomment going there because they cheat on the change money! Answer for owner: I know your schnitzel ci because it is on the opposite side of the street. The staff there was always very friendly and gave me exactly what i wanted. Somehow in the döner ci it is not like that. The food is good but as described i had twice a bad experience with the staff and my wrong change there. Maybe you can inform your staff that they are more carefull with money and change :) Will give you one more star because you answered and care about your business. If i go some other times there and wrong change will not happen again i will also raise my review.
Sabooreh Rahbar zare on Google

If anyone likes fried chicken, you can try it. The chicken was fully cooked and blended well with the salad dressing. The prices here are very reasonable.

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