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Favoritenstraße 92, 1100 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +77
Postal code : 1100
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City : Wien

Favoritenstraße 92, 1100 Wien, Austria
정윤주 on Google

완전 저렴해요!! 케밥 작은 사이즈가 2유로이고 큰 사이즈가 3유로에요. 야채랑 고기도 가격대비 많이 들어가고... 근데 고기가 조금 짜서 소스는 조금만 넣어서 드셔야 할 거에요. 사진은 2유로짜리에요.
It's really cheap!! The small size of the kebab is 2 euros and the large size is 3 euros. Vegetables and meat also cost a lot for the price... But the meat is a little salty, so you'll have to add a little sauce. The picture is for 2 euros.
John Gotti on Google

Wer auf einen Döner steht der wie ein MCDonald Cheesburger gross ist und nach reiner Minderware für 3 Euro schmeckt, ist hier sehr gut aufgehoben. Döner voller ÖL, schmeckt nach nichts. Die soße hat nur die Farbe vom Jogurt, diese wurde 10x mit Wasser verdünnt. Nur kein Minus machen...
Anyone who likes a doner kebab that's the size of a McDonald's cheeseburger and tastes like junk for 3 euros is in good hands here. Doner full of oil, tastes like nothing. The sauce only has the color of the yoghurt, which was diluted 10 times with water. Just don't make a minus...
Bill Ferguson on Google

Very good...very clean...good price
M D on Google

Fast service,reasonable prices.
Javer Canas on Google

Excellent food for the price.
Petra Bachrata on Google

Good, cheap but cash only.
HR Agency on Google

Small and expensive food. Nothing special. Kind of ripping guys, taking advantage by the large pedestrian traffic in that area but delivering minimal
A H on Google

Worst falafel ever. Semi raw falafel, tastless veggies and half empty dürüm...

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