Fischrestaurant Ragusa - Berggasse 15

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Berggasse 15, 1090 Wien, Austria

Phone : ūüďě +777
Postal code : 1090
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City : Wien

Berggasse 15, 1090 Wien, Austria
Glen on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Restaurant that focuses on seafood, but it id bit pricey. A main course costs between 20-30‚ā¨.
Alexey Koulakov on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Fish restaurant with italian style. Good, classic, a little bit expensive
Tomasz B. on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Amazing food. Simple but very tasty and Croatia origin. One of the best Croatian restaurants I've ever been. Good Job !
Kabinet Predsednika PKV on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Delicious food, excellent staff, great wine and service.
Sébastien Belkadi on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

It was perfect, the waiters were great, the food was incredible! With a chef who would talk to the customers, and above all an incredible and very friendly environment! One of the best restaurants of my stay in Vienna THANKS :)
Johan De Waen on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

Very good fish, have spent a nice evening there. Place is quiet with some faint music in the background. Perfect for a conversation. Prices are very competitive. Waiters are friendly.
Marko Martinoli on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

One of the best, if not the best, seafood places in Vienna. Distinct Dubrovnik scents and tastes. Home made everything, prepared to perfection. Patina of the place adds to its appeal. Fantastic menu, great wines and travarica to die for. We’re regulars ar Ragusa ! AAA experience
oytun on Google

‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ ‚ėÖ

It’s a great traditional style fish restaurant. The service personnel is very experienced and so friendly. They explained the food perfectly and made a perfect recommendation for wine. The food was very good quality but only needs more flavor overall.

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