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Friedrichstraße 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Friedrichstraße 2, 1010 Wien, Austria
Yara Zeitoun on Google

I love this Viet restaurant, and I think it’s the best in Vienna. Delicious and authentic! Highly recommend it! Can’t wait to come back again. Lots of vegetarian, vegan options and pescatarian dishes. The owners were funny and very lovely.
Sebastian Burger on Google

So we made a reservation for 2 persons a couple days ahead, for my wife’s 30th birthday dinner. We arrived exactly on time at the restaurant, hoping to eat some warm pho soon, as it was a very cold and windy night outside. Anyhow, as we arrived I asked the owner of the business for our reservation, then we were told to wait for 5-10 minutes outside the restaurant, which is understandable, having a small wait is fine. After patiently waiting for 15 minutes, without being offered any kind of tea or anything as a gesture, that they are sorry that we have to wait in the cold, several people have walked in and out the restaurant, some leaving and some arriving. More time passed. We were freezing outside, being kept in the cold like stray dogs! After a total of 30 minutes, a waiter came out and asked if we wanted a tea, which turned out to be a tasteless water - also saying that they are sorry for keeping us waiting. At that point is was enough, we waited for more there 35 minutes in the cold, on a very windy night in vienna! So we left and went looking for a place that can actually serve their customers, and doesn’t treat them in such a ridiculously rude and respectless manner. Don’t go there, especially if you’re hungry and don’t want to be kept waiting outside in the cold like dogs for 35+ minutes. What a terrible experience this was, also as it was for my wife’s 30th birthday… this situation could have been easily avoidable, if the restaurant was able to manage those couple tables that they have. Or at least be honest enough to say: “sorry, even though you made a reservation a couple days ago, we can’t manage to give you that table because our time management is non existent” and not ruin our evening, make us freeze and waste our time!!!!
Lasca Lavinia on Google

It's a small cozy place, nothing fancy about the appearance, but the food and the staff are amazing. I truly recommend it if you want to have a great Pho 🤤
Malte Holm on Google

Absolutely amazing Pho - very, very good. Also great spring rolls. Friendly and efficient service. Remember to make a reservation!
Pablo Esc on Google

Just amazing, seriously! Pho was absolutely phenomenal..loved the fact that this seemed like family ran restaurant where everyone cared about quality of the food and customer's satisfaction.
Kevin Song Xin on Google

When it comes to (asian) cuisine in Vienna I’m kind of a picky eater, not going to lie. Viet Thao is a simple, yet fantastic family-run restaurant that serves lovingly made piping hot fresh dishes straight from the kitchen. Service can be slower sometimes when the place is ex-tremely packed, but that’s the price I am willing to pay for attentive service and made to order food :) I love their spring rolls, pork belly and eggplant dishes. The menu is very condensed, but large enough for everyone to find something they like. Can’t say much about the Pho as I dislike it in general, sadly lol As the Restaurant is right next to a large intersection, the outside seating can get a bit noisy. Inside it can be a little bit noisy as well during peak dinner hours. If you want some quiet hours on a date or something after your hearty meal, I’d recommend making plans to go to a nearby cafe or bar later in advance
Sylwia Grzelak on Google

Ever since my trip to Vietnam few years ago I am a big fan of Pho. And oh boy, this place did not dissapoint. The best Pho I have had in ages. So flavoursome, and very authentic. Shrimp crispy rolls were delicious too! If I am ever back in Vienna, I will definitely go back to Viet Thao. Highly recommended.
Cecilia Han on Google

The best Vietnamesische Restaurant in Vienna. Wonderful food and nice service, telling us how to eat different dishes, very patient. 100 percent recommend!!!

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