Taverna Kreta - Wattgasse 71

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Wattgasse 71, 1170 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +888
Postal code : 1170
Website : http://www.tavernakreta.at/
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City : Wien

Wattgasse 71, 1170 Wien, Austria
iulia mugescu on Google

Very good traditional Greek food, traditional Greek mood, friendly and authentic staff. If you go late they wont have a very diverse menu, but the gyros is always there!
O. on Google

Nice place but the staff didn't spoke English and they were not Greek. The gyro had no fries in it and the salad was not served with bread. But overall the food was good.
Patrik Kristl on Google

Awesome Gyros! I'd say the best in Vienna, but it's the only one I tried so far, although I'm sure it's not far from the truth. Do note that you have to explicitly ask if you want your gyros the proper way with fries inside.
Ioan Vesa on Google

Very tasty food for affordable prices.
solar.com.gr Φωτοβολταϊκά on Google

Mediocre gyros, if you are greek.. Second time we vidited, they overcharged us heavily : 4.50 for a tiny portion of fries with some tzatziki and mayo to go!
Michiel on Google

Very good gyros, served with an delicious sauce and the spicy seasoning is awesome!
Teo Avatari on Google

Real souvlaki in Vienna. Really good meat (only pork) if a bit salty. One pita gyros costs 3.50 € but is definitely worth the taste. Only downside is that they used to make them bigger and 1 was usually more than enough. I got 5 pitas today to share with friends and they looked tiny. A pity cause I really wanted to show off. Maybe the managers will realise as they used to that quantity + quality is the key and everyone will come running So far I haven't found anything similar in Vienna. Thanasi please advice your staff to use more meat as you used to do once before and my rating (as well as everyone else's) will go 5 stars
Claudia Lee on Google

Just random pass by this place, staff was friendly even I don’t speak German. The gyros was very good, surprised me indeed. Pita was grilled and the meat was tender n juicy.

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