Strandbeisl Selbstverständlich - An der unteren Alten Donau 159

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An der unteren Alten Donau 159, 1220 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 1220
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City : Wien

An der unteren Alten Donau 159, 1220 Wien, Austria
Ryan Elenbaas on Google

Dear People, i travelled around the world, saw quite some restaurants and really did my best to get to this outback of vienna. I was attracted by the former coments , but since my evening was so disapointing - i have to warn you people for this mistake!!! The food is not fresh ( my grandmother gets better food in her old peoples home) , the waiter was very unfriendly. the only positive thing was the check, but fits the quality of the food. The ambience was cold, although a lovely sight over the alte donau made my angry feelings disapear. Concentrete on the eyes of your lovers, disregard the waiter, and skip this restaurant. I am happy I could help you out folks ;)
Ana Vlaisavljević on Google

Not a nice experience.we waited for 20min to get served, the table was very dirty, we where siting on plastic chairs eating a avereg schnitzel, but payed premium prices!50€ for two with drinks...the most expensive Schitzel I ever had!! I think it is a place to oder French fries...and go sit somewhere next to Donau. Never again!
Kerstin Kohout on Google

We (6 people, table reserved beforehand) had to wait for our food for almost 1.5 hours and only got it after asking about it. Even then, one person in our group had to wait even longer for her food and only got it when everyone else was finished already. The portion was really small (asparagus with very few potatoes) so I had to order french fries afterwards which also took about 20 minutes to come. When we complained to our waiter about these things, he didn’t want to forward them to the kitchen and instead told us to write something on their website. Really bad customer service!
Yulia Krasnorutskaya on Google

Very disappointing and rude. We came to the cafe and asked the waiter simply for coffee (for two persons) however he refused to make it saying "No. I don't have time for it". It is the first time I face something like this. I don't understand how it is possible that you refuse to serve a customer saying you don't have time for it. There were only a few people outside and it was empty inside. After all I believe making two coffees is not so difficult. Would not come to this place again, not on any occasion.
Madhwesh C.R. on Google

Food was good. Excellent burger. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a good meal after a lovely walk along the Alte donau river.
Jan Jolič Lieven on Google

Great location along Danube river, great view, very good coffe and super staff...
Dimitar Z. on Google

Cosy place on the banks of the Danube river. The spare ribs were the best I have ever tried! You should try also the local specialty - the Nockerln. Superb!
Sabooreh Rahbar zare on Google

I really liked it, the food was great - very fresh and delicious. The price was a bit high, but it worth. In Addition the waiters were very nice.

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