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Neustiftgasse 24, 1070 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Neustiftgasse 24, 1070 Wien, Austria
Andrea A on Google

Food is amazing. Service is great. I can't wait to go back. Only negative it's so dimly lit you can hardly see the menu and the 'mood lighting' puts you to sleep fast. Sadly for that reason we skipped desert which looked and sounded amazing. Next time.
Liz Stewart on Google

I was not impressed by this restaurant. My biggest problem with Sosaku was the really terrible service. Now I understand that Austrian waiters are known to be a bit curt with customers, and I have grown used to it, but there is a difference between not being friendly vs. being outwardly RUDE. My friend made a reservation, and when not everyone in our party showed up (they canceled last minute on us) the waiter got visibly angry and scolded my friend by telling him it is a busy restaurant and he needs all the tables. I then ordered tap water, which I know many waiters here do not like (which still confuses me because the waiters here do NOT work for tips and Austria prides itself on having some of the best tap water in the world), but this waiter actually got annoyed with me and asked me if that was all I was getting. Anyways, this waiter kept huffing and puffing at our every request and made our dining experience very uncomfortable. We were not unreasonable customers - quite the contrary actually - and he was very rude when we paid good money to dine there. Other things to note: my sushi was good but nothing I couldn't get at another restaurant, the atmosphere was a bit boring, but hey, the chefs were nice!
Oliver Authried on Google

Excellent sushi and very friendly service! Every dish is prepared completely fresh, no stored or pre-prepared maki and sushi!
Manuel Ramos Alfonzo on Google

This place is a hidden jewel. You might walk in front of it and you have no idea how WONDERFUL is this the food here. Tip: order all the Nigiri menu. It’s only one piece but you won’t believe how good, fresh and tasty is the fish. If you don’t like it, I buy you an ice cream.
Sim Simson on Google

Awesome Sushi place, really the best I have discovered so far in Vienna, and for reasonable prices - I have no idea what some of the other reviewers are talking about (regarding 'impolite waiter' etc), they must have been in a different restaurant!
Georg Plaz on Google

great food, but the place could really profit from a few plants and paintings. the atmosphere is a bit depressing. But the food is good enough to still earn 5 stars!
Akira Saito(SBTM) on Google

Nice, minimalistic setting and the servicing staff was friendly and polite/pleasant enough. However, service is frustratingly slow (short staffed) and the quality of food does NOT match the high price tag. Low quality fish covered with the same oily sauce to hide the taste.... amateurish non Japanese chefs trying to imitate ‘modern japanese’ but ending up with non-authentic gimmickry....of which you can find plenty in Wien but at least you don’t have to pay as high a price to those....glorified akakiko or yo Sushi🤦‍♂️😰
Veronica C. on Google

Good was good but wasn’t impressed. The tempura was definitely over cooked but the service was really really nice.

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