SOFI Vera Pizza Napoletana - Brunnenmarkt 161

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Brunnenmarkt 161, 1160 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +7
Postal code : 1160
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City : Wien
Description : Laid-back restaurant dishing out traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas in a low-key dining area.

Brunnenmarkt 161, 1160 Wien, Austria
JSYK on Google

Very good authentic napolitan Pizza with excellent dough. Service is very friendly and attentive. Besides original Pizzas, like the always awesome Bufalina, there are daily special Pizzas (e.g. boletus, rocket salad and parma-ham) and other nice Pizza creations. Sofi Vera is located at Brunnenmarkt, which is a beautiful and hip market, feels good to be there. Mille Grazie!
Lance Liberto on Google

Pizza so good here. We don't have pizza like this in United States. I could eat it all the time. The food all around Vienna is very delicious, and this place is no different.
Edraith on Google

Just love it, good pizza, perfect place for chill, the local is pretty, i have any complaint.
Mizo on Google

The pizza and service here is well worth all the great reviews. The quality of the pizza is true Napoletana. We enjoyed our two pizzas
V on Google

One of the best Napolitan pizzerias in Vienna. There's one pizza with a pistacchio cream that is to die for. I don't know the name, but after eating it, I forgot my own name as well, so I suppose that is appropriate. They also serve Schremser, a delicious tasting beer from lower austria!
Pavol Hrčka on Google

Neapol style pizza with soft dough and a bit crunchy ends. Size is above average and comfortably satisfies a hungry man. Tomato sauce was tasty and intense but other ingredients didn't stand out. One star less because of simple drinks and seating.
Wael Ibraheem on Google

One of the best pizzerias in town. Very tasty and delicious pizza with wide varietyof toppings. The service is excellent. It is highly recommended. Sitting outside in summer and spring with people playing music outside is a beautiful experience.
Gabi B. on Google

I am pregnant and have been craving neapolitan pizza for a while. My husband drove 60km to bring this pizza home on a warm car seat and it was still great when it arrived. Delicious and authentic neapolitan pizza!

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