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Seilerstätte 15, 1010 Wien, Austria

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Postal code : 1010
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City : Wien

Seilerstätte 15, 1010 Wien, Austria
Bruno Horn on Google

Try Austrian cuisine in all the aspects brought in from the whole empire in the years of yonder. Had the classics, Viennese potato soup, Wienerschnitzel and Topfknödel (picture). Washed it down with local beer.
Jim Gulick on Google

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm and friendly traditional atmosphere at lunchtime. We each had a beer, leberknödel (liver dumpling) suppe, käsespätzle (home-made traditional noodles and cheese) with roasted onions and a small salad, and cappuccino for desert. Except for the cappuccino, of course, these are Austrian country favorites and they were delicious. My wife learned to love them when she taught English at a gymnasium ( high school) near Nürnberg for six years. The service was friendly and excellent.
Chiara Laurenti on Google

Nice restaurant with place outside. Traditional dishes with vegetarian option. The prices are affordable around 14 euro.
Nicolas G on Google

Very pleasant terrace to try the famous Wiener Schnitzel. The food was good, although not as spectacular as the price might suggest (we ended up paying 45€ for 2 Schnitzel and 2 cokes)
Trung Doan on Google

Current 3.9 rating is tad high for this place. Food was extremely bland, especially the Schnitzel. It was literally just a fried cutlet - no breadcrumb batter or anything like that. Walked in by chance and would not step foot in here again. Place is kept up mainly due to good location and unknowing tourists like us.
AlexanderXR on Google

The frittatensuppe was very tasty. That's the good news. The rest is the bad news... the marrillenknödel was an utter disappointment. From the outside it looked good, but no. It was way too thick and gooey. And where were the bröseln? Shame on you, to mess up such an authentic Austrian dish like you did. Apparently, they cater to many tourist buses, as I learned as I watched them exit the establishment by what seemed like the hundreds, as I sat outside. (Make from that info what you wish). I don't plan to return. There are too many really good restaurants in Vienna to spend any more time at this one. I gave it a shot, and... hard pass. Don't let the inviting exterior fool you.
Jiri Svoboda on Google

Restartant is not worth of spending money. Meal was tasteless and far from real garlic soup, real Wiener Schnitzel. Alcoholic beer was great, non-alcoholic was terrible. We were although very lucky with service, very proactive young guy, who taken his job seriously. Always asked and follow up. At the end he appologised and took the drinks from our bill. We wish the chef was half good as this person. Potatoes were nearly cold as the palate was cold, salad was terrible tasted with vinegar only maybe lemon a bit, but nothing else. Vegetable with Wiener Schnitzel was dry, tasteless and with no reason...should be only good potatoes and THE Schnitzel. Restart has however very cozy interior so going here for beer or wine could be and oki alternative.
Daria Yermolova on Google

Quite average. The lady who served me was nice, but stood above me the whole time I was looking through the menu. The coffee was really bad. The lunch menus are a great deal though. Without the lunch deals this place is not worth its prices.

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