Restaurant Le Ciel by Toni Mörwald - Kärntner Ring 9

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Kärntner Ring 9, 1010 Wien, Austria

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Postal code : 1010
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City : Wien

Kärntner Ring 9, 1010 Wien, Austria
Nicole on Google

An absolutely appalling experience! A Michelin restaurant? You must be joking! Having dined in many Michelin restaurants over the years, in many different countries, we are dumbfounded that this restaurant has been deemed to be of that caliber. On entry we were rushed to a balcony table, despite requesting a table within the restaurant (and there were many empty tables within the restaurant). There was no view, the canvas flapped loudly, we were stinking hot sitting outside in the midst of a hot summer. We were then ignored for a good portion of time before anyone approached us. We have serious doubts that the sommelier was actually a sommelier, since he read the name and location of the wine from the bottle, and could not answer any further questions related to any of the wines. We ordered the degustation menu, and each dish was dumped on our table with little explanation. Disappointingly, none of the dishes were special. In between the last savory dish and the first sweet dish, I had to roam around the restaurant to look for a staff member to advise that we were waiting for the next dish. We also had to stand for some time at a counter waiting to get the attention of someone so that we could pay before leaving. On exit, we were advised that they had been "short staffed" all night and so could not provide the usual standard of service. The cost of this substandard service for two people was 19,000 Czech Crowns (or $1,000 Australian). There are many quality Michelin restaurants in Vienna - this is not one I would recommend.
Robert Dannbauer on Google

Was there for dinner and ordered the menu including wine. Service was highly professional and very friendly. The sommelier was also a nice guy and interesting to talk to. Food was very good and the five courses plus some extras were more than enough. The location is very old style, with a piano player, but this part of the experience - not exactly my preference but sort of ok. So in total I would say they were really good, pretty much on par with other top restaurants in Vienna.
Chris Li on Google

What makes this restaurant a Michelin star restaurant compared to other great non-Michelin star restaurants out there? Since I am not a professional food critic, I don't know. I definitely found the food was adventurous and unique. Ingredients that you wouldn't normally find anywhere else are used and mixed together in an interesting and tasty way. There were some complimentary plates to start the meal and to end the meal as well. Portions are smaller than typical European restaurants, but it was more than enough for me. The service was outstanding, and this level of personalized service makes you want to order other things and more things just because the wait staff consistently ask you if you need anything and they are being super nice and professional from the beginning to the end of your meal. You will want to tip a lot more than usual. :D We dined at the rooftop patio, and I'd say the view wasn't the most amazing that I've seen but it was nonetheless pretty nice. I mentioned when I made the reservation that we would be celebrating my husband's birthday, and the huge cake and candle (looked like a rocket) for my husband was a very sweet gesture that we very much appreciated, and this was well presented. Washroom next to the restaurant is all golden and luxurious as well.
Kevin Vereecken on Google

On the first sunny day of the year we had dinner on the balcony. It’s not as if you can actually see a lot, with the fence and the canopy and such but it was quite lovely. The food... oh wel... this is a Michelin star place so you get what you might expect, and you pay what you might expect. This level of quality comes with its price. That said: it’s worth every euro. Go for the assorted wines. They compliment the courses in an exquisite way. And take your time. This isn’t fast food! One last thing: don’t be put off by the fact that this restaurant happens to sit at the top of a hotel.
Pir on Google

Amazing place. Waiting to come visit again, from Israel ❤️
David Osher Levy on Google

Great experience, fabulous design and good food. In total we enjoyed every second. We could disagree about the portions but taste wise, it’s wonderful.
Lone S on Google

Very good food, good wine. We had a late seating for lunch and everyhing felt a bit rushed. Service was still good.
Doron Is on Google

I’m a foodie. And with that said, i’ve been to many restaurants around the world. The level of service and the kindness of the staff is beyond perfection. The food was really good, the presentation was amazing and of course if a restaurant placed in a beautiful hotel, it really makes the difference!

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