Pizzeria RIVA Favorita - Favoritenstraße 4/6

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Favoritenstraße 4/6, 1040 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +
Postal code : 1040
Website : http://riva.pizza/
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City : Wien

Favoritenstraße 4/6, 1040 Wien, Austria
medved oso on Google

Really good Napoli style pizza, same standard as in Napoli, also good prices considering such quality , positively surprised.
Rene Heinzl on Google

A great place in Vienna to enjoy a good and classic Pizza. As an extra bonus, the Calzone with chocolate/Nutella was a big hit with my children 😀
Gregor Mogeritsch on Google

Unfortunately Sodexo vouchers are NOT accepted for dinner. Never made such an experience in any other restaurant. Just a small sign somewhere at the entry... :-( Staff brings pizza with missing topping. Only after multiple requests and showing the staff the menu, they just throw it onto the pizza...
Imma C on Google

Pizza was definitely good, but I did not feel like the service was exceptional that makes me want to go back. I would probably recommend it only for takeaway.
Sue Jo on Google

Their pizza is absolutely delicious. We had 4 different ones and loved all of them. The service was not the most organized but the food came quickly and tasted flawless. We had the Crisparelle Ricota & Spinaci as well as the Reginella. Pizza dough was perfect. Side note: you can order the pizza in a smaller size for your smaller lunch/dinner companions. A huge plus in my books. That the food came before the drinks and the drinks came either double or not at all can be because of the long lockdown break from November to May. May have been counteracted with a more friendly service. Would still definitely recommend for location and perfect pizza.
Jay Jay on Google

The pizza I received from you was good - would have been great if it was not cold. Unfortunatley, due to mjam I received the pizza very very cold. Please consider to ditch Mjam as they are giving you a bad name due to cold pizzas. 5 stars for the pizza, 1 star for the delivery.
Little One on Google

The taste of the pizza (and the ingredients) was really good, but unfortunatly it was cold (I ordered woth mjam), the sauce was very runny and the cheese didn't stay on the pizza, probably because it wasn't baked long enough. :(
Shane Dunne on Google

Good pizzeria close to Karlsplatz Restaurant is really big Pizza is very tasty Good value for money. 1 large salad + 1 pizza to share + 1 nonalcoholic beer = €27.80

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