Pizzeria Del Popolo - Marc-Aurel-Straße 2A

4.2/5 based on 8 reviews

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Marc-Aurel-Straße 2A, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +8
Postal code : 1010
Website : https://pizzeria-del-popolo.eatbu.com/%3Flang%3Dde
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City : Wien

Marc-Aurel-Straße 2A, 1010 Wien, Austria
Danny Williams on Google

If you're looking for good service, you're coming to the wrong place. It's an average pizza place and a madman running it. Made us the wrong pizza and refused to listen to reason. Lost 8 euros to this madman
Diana Diana on Google

Cheap is the first word that comes to your mind when you are there. Cheap interior, cheap food presentation, cheap prices. And then you try a pizza... marvellous taste! Bear in mind that it's a beanery after all. Don't look for a romantic dinner experience there, just come for a pizza. It's worth it!
Josip Cavar on Google

Very bad quality pizzas for that price, it's better to have dinner somewhere else for 10 euros more than here.. Also waiter doesn't know English. I don't recommend
Amine Zaaf on Google

Really nice, cheap and tasty and the owner is nice.
Łukasz Sołśnia on Google

Just good. Nice prices and pizza. Nothing extraordinary but good enough.
Dimitris Igemonas on Google

Decent pizza, even it took a while to cook
Olga on Google

Good pizza and friendly Staff! Quattro fromaggi pizza for 8€. Tasty! Quite small place, but that's fine.
Ģirts Bundža on Google

We order 10shot teqila and he give us only 9 and sayed he give all shot, teqila was with water mixed 50/50….but they make good pizza large and tasty

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