Pizza Mille Stelle Wien - Leitgebgasse 5

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Leitgebgasse 5, 1050 Wien, Austria

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Postal code : 1050
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City : Wien

Leitgebgasse 5, 1050 Wien, Austria
Beso Tsitelashvili on Google

Just ordered a bunch of pizzas (made a pizza party), all of them were delicious! Guys you are good!
Alper Yıkılgan on Google

I came across this fantastic restaurant during our Vienna trip and had delicious pizzas! Lovely staff and a great owner, thank you for everything!
peyman zarei on Google

i ordered once with lieferando and i never got my food
Erin Rice on Google

The pizza place is making everyone who leaves nearby miserable. The place is open till 3:30, and cars are arriving every freaking minute and SLAMMING their doors very loudly. It is impossible to sleep if you leave in this house or the house across the street. This place should be reported to authorities and closed FOREVER.
Amela Špica on Google

Great pizza, fast delivery
A H on Google

Doesn't even deserve 1 star. Ordered via their website and the pizza was never delivered. They didn't even answer my calls. Waited an hour for nothing!
Moritz Laucher on Google

The quality of the food is quite good, however the waiting time is unacceptable. I ordered a pizza for my girlfriend and I since were planning on a romantic Valentine’s Day lunch. However having to wait for more than an hour has ruined our romantic plans, so we had to resort to the bedroom quite early. The after uh ugh uh uh pizza was enjoyable, not as much as what came before that however. Don’t order if you’re expecting a fast delivery.
ipho white on Google

I have been ordering food from this restaurant for about 1 year and I have never been disappointed. From pasta to pizza, burgers, salads always have a wonderful taste. 10/10

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