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Am, Naschmarkt 673, 1060 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Am, Naschmarkt 673, 1060 Wien, Austria
Wojtek Szkutnik on Google

EXCELLENT. We tried oysters and all kinds of fish, everything was fresh, cooked perfectly and tasted great! Absolutely recommended, possibly best fish restaurant in town
X Y Z on Google

The oysters were fine. The main course (a plate with shrimp, monkfish and tuna) was plated beautifully but the seafood was very dry, not tender and overcooked. The service was good, but the food was disappointing and does not match the price point.
Khanh Lan Nguyen on Google

Fresh and nicely cook seafood. I and my friend ordered Nautilus seafood platter for 2. It was quite big, it took effort for us to finish it. It was a nice experience.
Megan Smith on Google

The food was delicious, and the service was wonderful. I haven't had oysters since moving to Europe last summer, and this was by far a wonderful reintroduction. Everything else we ordered was very tasty. If possible, I do plan on dining once again before leaving Austria, or on another visit.
Boris Daich on Google

It is a classic tourist trap. Do not go there unless you are well aware of what you are doing. The taste of the food - I did not like. As Ceasars salad to my opinion consist not only of old salad leaves... The shrimps was dry and tastles... But this is all matter of taste. The reason why I am giving it 1star is the fact that they employ all the dirty tactics there is in the tourist trap playbook! They put a bread on the table without you ask for it and will charge you 4 euro for it. Does not matter if you eat or not. They charge you 1.5 for the "covert per person" another 3 euro! In addition to the fact that their prices are higher than in the Central Cafe which is an upscale place. This is not all! When you are going to pay with a card they give you a screen with options of 10% 15% 20% 25% of tip. And you need to know and argue that you are not feel like giving a tip... P. S. My wife took petes plate and did not liked too much too but again - this is matter of taste but the tricks to overcharge are dirty!
J. on Google

85% from me 🧡 high quality ingredients 🧡 perfect wines 🧡 I simply love seafood Not 100% because: 😶 quite expensive fish was left for too long in the grill 😶 Chef doesn’t always follow dietary restrictions - spinach was marked lactose free and bang it arrived with butter/cream in it 😶 oysters were not cut properly and contained traces of the stones 😶 service - depends who you get, our waiters changed in the middle of the service and we could not be any happier - the second waiter was so nice and friendly, the first one was quite opposite.
Anna Kosińska on Google

DELICIOUS VIENNA EXPERIENCE❣👌😁 Fresh seafood sourced from Grece, France and Italy served with an extraordinary taste 👌 Restaurant takes a brilliant care of guests. Stuff is very professional and helpful. At the window you can SEE 👀 what is the fresh menu of the day 😁👌❣ Manager is very kind and welcoming! 😊 If you look for something SPECIAL, don't look further 😁👌❣
Thomas Maierhofer on Google

Chose this place for their mussels and being located right inside the famous Naschmarkt, you would expect a premium dish. Crunchy bread and 3 dips as appetizer. The garlic is quite intense! Starter: oysters. Very nicely decorated plate. Fresh opened, lovely Mignonette dip. What else could you ask for? Perfect! Main: mussels. They were already cold on top. Very sad. Mixed (or dunked) in the hot broth makes you think, they could have microwaved the sauce.... Further on, fresh mussels taste a bit different as far as my experience goes. Opening them and finding flesh that's not smooth and intact, but already tearing apart, with that "sandy" structure - does not indicate good quality either. Lots of broken shells.... Last thing - there were tiny, wrinkled flesh in quite big shells found. Dried out? Old? Broth is usually a delight, when you dunk bread (non-yeast would have been better) into it. This one is not - did not even want to finish that bite of bread. Long story short: inedible. If you ever had mussels before - walk away. If those are your first ones - walk away too and find another place. Ambience is nice, waiters friendly, all good. But I didn't go there for entertainment....

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