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Kirchengasse 35, 1070 Wien, Austria

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Kirchengasse 35, 1070 Wien, Austria
GastroGnome Y on Google

Tiny casual pizza joint with vibrant atmosphere and lovely personnel. The four(point five) stars go their delightfully flavorful pies and the wide variety of home-made drinks(tea.) And of course the service. I enjoyed every bite into my pizza Roma! The watermelon iced tea was well balanced and refreshing. The only downside I find is the tight seatings. But I think that’s the best they can do with the limited space. If you don’t mind sitting closely to the next table then I guarantee you can have a great time winding down with yummy pizza in one hand and chilled beer in another. Would definitely come back for more 😉
Arzhang Akhavan on Google

It had a cozy atmosphere and good staff. I liked the food. Be sure to book in advance.
Comforting Tourist on Google

This is the real deal! Probably one of the best pizza in Vienna. The atmosphere is super welcoming, the staff is friendly, and the food....Omg!! Amazing pizza, you won't regret it. I would give more stars if it was possible;)
Jovanna Kay on Google

A few weeks ago my friends and I went out for a nice dinner here in celebration. As we were excited and expected to have a great night we were greeted by one of the waiters announcing racial comments toward my friend. Although it wasn't directed in front of us, it was loud and unfortunately obvious they were making comments about my friend and being in a "zoo". It was hard to create a comfortable ambiance in a restaurant that you would usually feel safe in. The waiters assumed we did not know German but very well do. I do not want recommend this place especially to my ethnic foreign travelers or future residents. I hope this gets handled appropriately and intensively.
ADAZE. on Google

The pizza was good and our server was really nice and friendly but when I walked in I heard one of the workers comment if I was from Africa. They said that because they thought I didn’t speak German but it made the atmosphere of my whole table uncomfortable. Then there was another comment of someone saying they felt like they were at a zoo, although I am not sure if that was directed towards me but the earlier comment made if hard to believe it wasn’t. I think even though my server was extremely attentive and nice, he was one of the ones laughing at that joke about my skin color so having workers gossip insensitively and loud because they think I don’t know a language or assuming what my nationality is made me feel so uncomfortable.
oCOOLar Photography on Google

Pizza was OK, the atmosphere is bare bones, but the guests are pleasant… …but the staff cheats. I gave a good tip, staff held credit card terminal so I couldn’t see what was punched in, which was one Euro more than I had said, not an easy typo given the size and location of the keys on the key pad, also no amounts that sound similar. So, staff is one Euro richer, the restaurant one customer poorer. Not going back there, ever, to a place that rips of customers.
Shane Dunne on Google

Great value - lovely friendly service Small venue so make sure to book/reserve Pizza was immense They do different sizes - we went for two small ones. If you are hungry I’d recommend sharing 3 smalls between 2 people
Dustin Conrad on Google

Absolutely delicious pizza, very friendly staff and great atmosphere. Stumbled across this place last week and came back with a large group of friends who all loved it and several of them have returned since. Really worth a visit, highly recommended.

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