MASCHU MASCHU - Neubaugasse 20

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Neubaugasse 20, 1070 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +997
Postal code : 1070
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City : Wien

Neubaugasse 20, 1070 Wien, Austria
Anna Kaczmarek on Google

Overall everything was great, we received our drinks and food pretty quickly, everything was very tasty but the portions could be slightly bigger.
Drossos Drossos on Google

If you managed to get a communication with the waiters then it seems to be a good starting! A lot of fried food. The falafel pie is not bad. After three attempts they finally deliver the correct beer... no kidding!!!
James 'Jimi' Doohan on Google

Lovely seats in the sun, good continuous service without being disruptive. Food was well priced, plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Falafel bowl was delicious, maybe a bit too much chickpeas texture-wise but loved the dish as a whole. Burger looked and smelled awesome, fries were nice with nice dip. Good location and menu, as well as daily menus. Will be coming back.
Luis M on Google

The falafel is particularly crunchy and tasteful (a different ball park than most readymade frozen kebab shop falafels), and the prices are reasonably cheap, so a great place for a quick bite near Mariahilfer straße.
Ajin A V on Google

Really liked the food, very reasonably priced and good ambiance too.
G C on Google

Food is a great value. Every time going back, doesn’t disappoint. What disappoints is the service. Specifically an ungracious bald man in 50s. Already twice he complained about the tip. I’ve eaten out all my life and do standard to generous level of tips. I know an ungrateful waiter when I see one, and this man is it. Enjoy food. Avoid the man if you can
Ashutosh Pateriya on Google

The vegan burger was good. But the falafel was ok... The place has a nice ambience...
Kristína Matulová on Google

This was my first time in Maschu Maschu, and as an employee in gastronomy I know what is a great service. Unfortunately don't expect anything here. I am deeply disappointed. 1) Service I was waiting 20 minutes after receiving my drink for the waiter to come so I can order the food. Other table that came 15 minutes after me, had already their dishes on the table, while I was still waiting for him to come. This is the first time that a waitress came to me and asked me to pay before receiving the food. This is supposed to be a restaurant, where you pay when you are ready to leave, not when u place your order. Im just speechless. (everyone else paid when they were leaving). 30 minutes and still nobody takes away my finished plate. And 4 employees behind the counter doing nothing and talking to each other. 2) Hygiene At the station where your pita is being prepared, employee with no PFF2 mask on, no hand gloves (he is touching you pita with his bare hands and then cleaning his glasses and checking his phone), waitresses as well, working with cards, money and then preparing your pita without any hand gloves. This is just horrible!! 3) Food When the food arrived It looked exciting, Pita Falafel (6 Euro) and Maschu Grillplatte (21 Euro). Pita Falafel was huge, but cold, for that price I was expecting much more! The Melanzani Mix inside was horribly cold, like straight from the fridge. I understand that they need to store it, but when you get warm falafel and cold melanzani mix inside, that Is a huge NO! Falafel had literally no spices added, it was falling apart and not tasty at all. Maschu Grillplatte, consisted of one chicken breast skewer, two lamb chops, one beef Laibchen, some potatoes wedges and two sauces. Chicken Skewer, was disgusting, it tasted bad!! No chance I would continue eating that. Lamb chops, completely dry, no juices.but at least something you can eventually eat. The Beef Laibchen- just no comment, no taste and totally dry. Salad that came with it was the same thing you have in Pita, just with 5 cherry tomatoes and balsamic on the top. If you are expecting something form this place, DON'T!!! Never ever will I come here again.

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