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Donauinsel, 1220 Wien, Austria

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Donauinsel, 1220 Wien, Austria
Szilvia Varga on Google

When we ordered I just said the name of the food and the waiter was like:-The Number!!The Number!!(There is a number next to every food, so u have to say that instead of the name).He was very unpolite afterwards as well.(Pretty tall bald guy)Very rude!!If you do not like people, why dont you just go and work in a factory??? The food was pretty ok, thats why the 2nd star....
Giovanni Valente on Google

Very nice Greek restaurant! I had some glasses of wine and a tray with some simple Greek food, I.e. olives, feta, bread with origano and garlic and some exotic tasty sauces. The view is quite nice as it is directly at the Danube. Best time to go is definitely dawn:)
Senad Subasic on Google

Unbearable wait time. Close to an hour for a schnitzel... Didn't help that people ordering after us got their food way before. The place needs more staff, a larger kitchen, or simply fewer tables.
RD DR on Google

alright... one star because the cook was very solicitous after I asked him for some more pieces of fish... the meal costs 17 euros, and they gave me some vegetables (from the fridge) and maybe 5 pieces of calamari. the location is nice because is near the water, but the food is a disaster. I couldn't sleep the whole night because of the gluten they cooked in. the food was very salty which I realized after some hours. never ever again!
Alex H. on Google

It's alright if you're in the area and are really hungry (which I suppose their business model might rely on). Staff was friendly and the food served quickly. But the dishes are of course nothing extraordinary and either the prices would have to be 20-30% lower or the serving sizes 20-30% bigger. For instance - about 11€ for 7 fried vegetable slices (+ a tiny slab of potato puree and sauce) and one piece of pita bread.
Kumar Shanmugasundaram on Google

location / view nice. on the contrary, food was average. Staff were indifferent, Impolite, never smiled, rude to my Father and I and offered no suggestions, never inquired if food was ok or if we’d like something else. Felt as though we were a bother to them; in fact, looked down upon. Everywhere else on the planet I’ve always been impressed by Greek hospitality, cuisine, friendliness and warmth. Not here. Don’t waste your time, it’s unfortunate, it was a cold, spiritless place, lacking in basic service and manners. Did not enjoy the experience and was not impressed.
Rob Kramer on Google

Our meal was overcooked, had no taste as if they heated it few times on the day. The vegeterian mousaka had broccoli written as part of the dish, but no broccoli in it. Also plenty of cheese on top without any mention in the menu. We actually had to ask the waiter if it was the right meal they brought us, unfortunately it was the right meal. Not recommending at all, maybe for a beer or wine as the place has nice views. But food wise, stay away. Even Shopping center food tops this by far 🙄 never again
Lamia Kk on Google

I do not recommend their services and the place is not clean. The waiter was rude to us from the beginning, he did not want to offer us a table Once we decided to talk to the manager, we were seated in a table that is not clean with smoke aches and the waiter was mad when we asked him to clean it! Excuse me? We are living in corona times, it should be cleaned between customers! We thought maybe he is having a bad day but he was nice to others, so i guess he is just racist because I am wearing a Hijab! We decided to leave and on the way out we spoke to the manager, who did not apologies and talked to us in a language we did not understand, although he knows english very well, while he walks away from us.

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