La Mia - Ristorante con Pizza - Bar Italia - Lerchenfelder Str. 13

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Lerchenfelder Str. 13, 1070 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Lerchenfelder Str. 13, 1070 Wien, Austria
Alice Smeets on Google

The food tastes good but I have never in my life been treated with this much disrespect by a waitress. We were asking to change one ingredient on a pizza and make a special (but easy) salad for my friend who is on a diet because of health reasons and allergies, the waitress was not happy about that and started to treat us passive aggressively for the rest of the night and got mad at us because we asked for water. NEVER again will we go to this restaurant.
Manuel Kiem on Google

Once upon a time it was a good place. was there few days ago and really disappointed. The pizza tasted like nothing, was half burned and the tomatoes on top had absolutely no taste. We tried the pulpo too, small portion and poor taste too. On top of that the Waitress seemed pretty upset and stressed, although there were only 3 tables of guests. We've been ignored by her most of the time and needed to call out 3 times for the Bill. There are better italian places in Vienna (especially for good pizza)
Daniel Kurth on Google

Best pizza I had in years!
Kaltther Yin on Google

Had the vegetarian pizza without cheese to make it vegan 🙋 would have liked more vegan options
Serhii Tymoshchuk on Google

Super restaurant!!! Amazing pizza!!!
Serhat Güler on Google

Great food and great ambience! The interior design is nice and the food tastes absolutely amazing. Try diavola pizza. The staff is extremely nice and polite.
Eytan Birenbaum on Google

Super nice staff, we had veggies pizza, pasta pesto and the tiramisu - all of them were amazing, especially the pasta and tiramisu. Great Italian atmosphere, music, style, all!
Gerhard Sulzer on Google

Actually I wanted to go to an other restaurant for a nice pizza, but as I was there I thought: "Why not?" From outside you can't see that it's actually a quite big restaurant inside. But I could have seen a nice wooden fired pizza oven and the Neapolitan style pizza wasn't looking bad. Inside the restaurant main room is quite big and very high. It's an old place and its nice that they didn't paint over the very old ceiling painting. The rest is an not very inspired interior design somewhere in the middle of modern simple and wannabe fancy. It could be, but it's not a fancy place at all. The service team was very obliging. I only had a pizza—so I can't tell you anything about the quality of the menu in general. The pizza was disappointing because of two simple things: The tomato sauce was not good, maybe just out of the can, no salt. And the cook was really stingy when using some mozzarella for a pizza. When I got my pizza with ham and mushrooms, I thought: "What a fu..... empty pizza!" For that experience the pizza was way too expensive. But maybe I will give them another chance. Because I'm sure that the main kitchen could be able to provide some nice dishes.

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