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Pilgramgasse 24, 1050 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +87999
Postal code : 1050
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City : Wien

Pilgramgasse 24, 1050 Wien, Austria
Adrian Brunner on Google

Too much meat and not enough veggies (onion, tomato ans lettuce - no cabbage, cucumber or anything else tasty). Sauce is boring and little. It was big but I didn't want it anymore after two bites.
Rong Cheng Lee on Google

Most value for money deal in the area (or even the whole of Vienna!)... 3euro for a kebap that is bigger than your face and stuffed with oh-so-tender chicken bits + a cold drink of your choice. No matter if you are looking to settle your lunch/dinner or even late night supper, this is the place to go! The boss is really friendly and gave me extra chicken when he recognises me. 赞啦!
Walt Nutt on Google

worst value-for-money-ratio i’ve ever seen and the food didn’t even come the way it was ordered
Willehelm Meister on Google

This place is really interesting.... Best beer in town at night. Find me on the pictures
Jacob König on Google

Experience: Ordered a Dürüm to go, had to repeat myself 3 times that I didn't want any onions. Owner was friendly and very talkative. Food: The quantity is there, plenty of meat with little salad. However, the taste is just awful. The wrap is soft and sticky; when you bite in, it is bound to cling onto your teeth. The meat is soupy and has a distinct sour-y aftertaste, which can be conveniently washed off by the gratis Pepsi that comes along. Overall: I am surprised to see these many positive reviews. I guess a lot of the visitors put more emphasis on the low price and the fact that the shop is also used as a late night kiosk, which sells smokes and various beverages. I personally would much rather spend more on something I thoroughly enjoy than buying something cheap just for me to spit it all out after the first bite. But hey, to each his own.
Sonali on Google

You have to visit this place if you are in Vienna, the owner is so friendly and to top it the food they serve it burgers or rolls...they are just mind-blowing. The fish burger is to die for along with the chicken one. He gives the burgers for €3.5 with a drink / water complimentary. He served our whole group with warmth and loads of smiles. Don't miss the chilled beer for €1 😊✨
Pappu Sousheel on Google

A friendly staff. Small but effectively organized space! Good for take away! 5 stars a mandate!
Oriental Jinni on Google

This Döner bread and meat has very poor quality. There are many good Döners in Vienna but this one was on the way home so i tried it out (unfortunately)

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