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Burggasse 89, 1070 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +77889
Postal code : 1070
Website : https://www.restaurant-hidori.at/
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City : Wien

Burggasse 89, 1070 Wien, Austria
Ana Covla on Google

Very nice, but please bring the orders in a coordinated manner (not when they are necessarily ready). If you see someone eating the appetizer, do not bring the main dish too, let them finish the appetizers first. Or ask people at the beginning what is the preferred order to bring the food (especially when they order various dishes).
Kohei Iwai on Google

One of the best japanese restaurant in Vienna from quality view as Japanese people
Josh on Google

This was my third visit. Good atmosphere, kind staff. This place is definitely where you can sit down and relax. Fish dish was however less than satisfactory. While visually pleasing, I had a feeling that some ingredients were slightly stale. I tasted a piece of tuna nigiri, and decided not to touch the tuna sashimi. Lachs tartar was okay. Sake was served not very chilled. Ramen noodle dish was superb. While not very traditional - I think it was actually more udon broth than actual shoyu ramen broth, please correct me if I'm wrong - it tasted amazing. The noodles have very good texture, perfectly chewy, and other vegetable ingredients really brought the whole dish to another level. Price is not the best but still reasonable. Overall, I recommend that people visit this restaurant. While not my all time favorite Japanese place, I'd definitely love to return for a bowl of ramen and some good sake.
Lars Blicher-Jepsen on Google

I have never had such disappointing sushi and gyozas in my life. For the mere price of 39 euros I got one of the biggest culinary disappointments in my life, the gyozas tasted of nothing and still one taste is present the taste of burned food. The roles did not have one (out of 16) that was rolled well enough to actually make it all the way to my mouth in one piece, disintegrating halv the way to their final destination. The lack of quality of the roles did not stop at the execution of making them but continued to the dull taste of the ingredients in general. All in all a very forgettable meal. The only positive I can say about the experience is that the service was good. 🤷‍♂️
Luke Xu on Google

Pretty authentic Japanese restaurant with native Japanese people. Love the price value and fish quality! The rice was a bit grainy and the soy sauce were mixed with water. Overall though, great place to check out.
Yarko Picavet on Google

A small restaurant, but looks cosy and authentic... very friendly staff! Liked the food and to see it being prepared while sitting at the bar. Had a very nice diner experience!
Samuel Overington on Google

The food took a very long time to arrive- we waited for 45 mind after ordering for our first starters to arrive, then meals started arriving haphazardly- it would have been nice for all the starters to come at same time, and then mains. Apart from the wait, the quality of food is superb.
Akira Saito(SBTM) on Google

It’s a genuine Japanese restaurant, however, the quality is mediocre (or it’s not too good in terms of value for money)..... but the service is friendly and efficient and the decor/atmosphere is also warm with the nice use of wood.

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