Goldfisch - Fischladen & Bistro - Lerchenfelder Str. 16

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Lerchenfelder Str. 16, 1080 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +99
Postal code : 1080
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City : Wien

Lerchenfelder Str. 16, 1080 Wien, Austria
Antonio Valens on Google

Very good food :) and very nice restorant
Mark Tolar on Google

This is the best Fish restorant in Wien. I will come back to you :)
Marcel Antonius on Google

The best fish restaurant in Vienna, good food, good atmosphere, just one of those places you have to visit!
Jay Jankovits on Google

very friendly and helpful advising personal, good fresh quality fish, anytime again
Andrew Nash on Google

Great location for fish in Vienna. Friendly staff. Great wine selection perfectly matched to the fish.
Stoyan Stoitsev on Google

I had an OK Ceviche as a starter and total disaster main course consisting of guineafowl (breast and thigh) with a side of crayfish and root vegetables. The bird's thigh was totally raw inside, the amount of salt that was poured on top of the meat was numbing so I was unable to taste anything after that and the side dish was obviously old with the crayfish turned into rubber. The waiter, ignoring the obvious pink colour of the thigh, insisted that it is impossible for the meat to be raw as it is done sous-vide and lost interest in listening to what else I wanted to share about the other issues with the dish. Basically told me something like "I'm sorry it is not according to your taste" and ran away. Well it is indeed not to my taste risking my life for eating an incompetently cooked bird meat. I accept that a dish might fail from time to time and I would normally not leave a bad review after one incident, but I'm absolutely not OK with arrogant service that ignores reality and does not even apologize for obvious issues. With that said, dear cook, when you cook birds, sous-vide or not, keep in mind that the thigh needs to reach a higher internal temperature than the breast. Dear waiter, learn to accept criticism and to manage and own a problematic situation as this is part of your job and so that people don't have to leave bad reviews on the internet in order to resolve them.
Julia Schwarz on Google

The food was amazing and was only topped by the lovely and perfect service! We went there for the first time to have the Dirty Valentine Dinner and we were blown away! We intend to become regulars! 😉
Czer Berus on Google

The place for really good fish to eat or buy  in the middle of the city Including the friendliest service you could wish for. Various certificates and a kitchen designed for the sustainable or organic origin of the sea creatures on your plate...simply just Ecologically top  the best of all fish. The innumerable awards of recent years testify or underline my opinion at the entrance door. A charming selection of wines, to drink or take away, and good coffee is still on top.

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