Fresco Grill - Liechtensteinstraße 10

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Liechtensteinstraße 10, 1090 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Liechtensteinstraße 10, 1090 Wien, Austria
Gabry Godoy on Google

Very yummi tacos :) and comes from a Mexican! The most authentic in Vienna
Kyle Holtzhausen on Google

Go here for THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD!!!! I’ve never been to Mexico but if this is what it’s like... damn, let’s go tomorrow! I think I’m genuinely addicted to the crispy taco’s called “Tres Amigos”:| it’s so nice they’ll make you come back twice;) The service here is always awesome and the friendliest “Angry Mexican” man always makes me laugh. These people are genuine; what you you give is what you get. Can’t wait for the new house beer to be released!!!
Andreas Schwarz on Google

I exclusively ordered via delivery service so I can't speak for the in-restaurant experience and customer treatment. I probably ate 50 burritos at this point and I can wholeheartedly recommend Fresco for that reason alone. The taste is fine as it is. If there's one fault it's that the sides, (chips, churros, etc.) although pretty damn good, are too pricey for me (I understand that they are selfmade so they're expensive to make.)
Patrick Sombati on Google

I'll be honest, I've seen some of the negative reviews and I think they're slightly excessive. In the last 12 years I've always gotten great service and good food. Unfortunately it seems that not everyone who gets this service writes enough reviews, therefore I'm leaving a good review here to show the readers that these owners know their food and can be compassionate as well. When looking up a place, I also read the reviews to see what customers have to say....but I have also worked in gastronomy for years as well and know there are two sides to a story and unfortunately these aren't always known/seen in online reviews. Not saying they're not true, but review bashing can be compared to online trolling. Just food for thought 😁😉
Marc S. on Google

I‘ve been a frequent visitor of Fresco for years (7+) but the past experiences with their staff made me boycott the place. I was shouted on by the staff and they were so rude multiple times when I just wanted to order a burrito. Their whole operation is not centred around the customer and simply around themselves. Now I am never going there again.
Lindsey Huff Breitschaedel on Google

The food is mediocre and overpriced, and staff is definitely unfriendly and rude. 10-15 years ago, this place was the best option in town for Mexican food. Nowadays, there are much better choices out there. Wouldn’t ever choose to go here anymore.
Yanik Gürtler on Google

very rude staff, 1 star for the good food. The guy waiter has an attitude of a 9 year old who gets mad when the world doesn’t go like he wants to… Try avoiding him when taking your order. Talk to the woman instead.
Martin Lošťák on Google

I have arrived, they have asked me to call the number. I asked why, the server said I don't have to understand why and should just call the number. So I listened and called the number. Then asked the server why is she so rude. Her colleague said that if I say even one word they will cancel my order. I asked why is he being rude. Then he said: OK, enough, it's canceled. He was pointing out his hand and asked me to leave the restaurant and if I don't leave he will close the door. Don't think that this is the way how to treat anyone, when you politely ask why someone does something in a certain way. Their food was good the times I was there before, but this kind of behavior is not possible and I won't leave my money here anymore and I also DON'T RECOMMEND anyone to come here.

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