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Annagasse 3A, 1010 Wien, Austria

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Annagasse 3A, 1010 Wien, Austria
Maria Emilia Alvarez on Google

I have been coming here since I moved to Vienna over a year ago. Without a doubt, I can confirm this is the highest quality gelato in the city. The flavors of their carefully sourced ingredients shine through due to their “slow food” mentality. I must highlight they are complimented rather than masked with sugar. Pistachio is a must try.
Sovann Kim on Google

The good: the ice cream is great. My friends had normal servings of ice cream, while I got the banana split. Yummy! The bad: after seating us, we had to wait 5 minutes for the waitress to return and had to ask her to clean the rather dirty table (instead of her taking the initiative to do so herself). Reluctantly, she took the table cloth off the table, shook off the crumbs on top of one of our chairs(!!) and just turned it around and placed it on the table again. She also managed to bring our ice cream orders all one by one - ice cream doesnt need to be prepared, why couldn’t she bring it out all at once? (Or at the very least teo servings at once) Rather disappointed with the service.
Nino Weiss on Google

The new location is a huge plus for the very best ice cream in town by a respectable margin (and as you would have guessed from my name, I feel qualified to tell you that this here is even outstanding ice cream by Roman and Neapolitan standards)! This is not your usual Viennese ice cream in the hands of another North Italian tradition, and which I like too. Here, everything is very rich, and creamy, and luxurious. One of the best Pistachio, Tiramisu and Gianduia we ever had. Vanilla is also outstanding. Only sorbets are not on par, though some are still rich and flavor intensive others are quite bland (like Mango and Papaya for example). I'd say that an ice cream parlor of this high standards should simply not make this or that sorbet if it can't be up to the rest for any reason (And I guess that there are very good reasons), but that's just my 2 cents. This year, the staff seems very friendly and helpful.
Tourguide Vienna on Google

This the best place to get a real pistachio and chocolate ice cream, you have to try - lovely place with great AC inside - friendly staff follow me on Instagram @howaboutvienna
Anna Ageieva on Google

Can recommend to taste ice-cream “Crema Aurora” (who likes coffee), “Crema Lilli” (who likes blueberry), “Matcha” (who likes something special). All Sorbets are toooo sweet!
Emmanouela Kafka on Google

The ice cream with hazelnut and queen Elizabeth were very delicious. I went three times there as the ice cream and the service were of high quality.
Glory Sebastian on Google

The BEST ice cream in Town! They might not have the tons of flavors other parlours may offer, but their quality is so much better. Such richness in taste and how the ice cream feels like. The new space us aldo just so beautiful. A little oasis when the heat gets too much in the inner city of Vienna!
Vince Granado on Google

In my opinion, the best tasting gelato in Vienna. You can tell a good gelato by just observing it on a hot day. The cheap stuff will melt quickly because of the high water content. This stuff no way. There is so much cream used in it, it just stood firm like a soldier at Buckingham. And the pistachio. Man that stuff is life changing good.

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