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Hauptallee 8, 1020 Wien, Austria

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Postal code : 1020
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City : Wien

Hauptallee 8, 1020 Wien, Austria
Sébastien Hansen on Google

Chicken salad was awful. The other menu items seem to be ok though. Very little in the way of vegetarian options or vegan,you can kind of build your own though. Prices moderate to high but absolutely in line with every other tourist place in the Prater.
Natalia Khilkevitch on Google

We used to eat here in the past quite frequently, and it was a good option to have a relatively cheap lunch or dinner. Of course, it wasn't high-end, but the food was tasty, and the outdoor sitting was perfect. Since last 5-6 years the dynamics has been rolling downhill. Prices moved to higher positions, the quality - to the complete opposite. This is a pity, since the location is great, and I really do miss former good vibes about this place.
Vanessa Krebs on Google

It was a shame! Nothing like the old Estancia! The food was bland at best and they don't even offer proper cutlery and plates! Don't go near it, don't waste your money! It's not even worth one star!
Iberostar80 on Google

Used to be my favorite place but apparently they changed to self service even though all other places offer waiters.Had to wait 30 min. in line to order.Spareribs were not good.They were cold and obviously pre cooked and kept in the oven.They were served with wooden cutlery.Prices were way too high for this service.Not going back.
Bart van Zon on Google

Friendly staff and nice atmosphere. Food is ok, nothing superfancy but good for it's price.
robert marktl on Google

Update 2017-May-25: What a desaster - huge increase in all prices - and quality went further south. An absolute tourist trap! Toilets don't even have an entrance door - you can see into the mens and womens toilets!! Spareribs only one slice for 15€ - and if you order the 2 slices version you get a tiny second one - total ripoff. "Quality" is also worse then ever - totaly dry spareribs and the potatoes are deep fried convenience food - fries, wedges ... you name it - cheep wholesale stuff. Old review: Nice place for Mexican BBQ - very touristic. Don't expect high quality. Toilets are downstairs, narrow and not accessible for wheelchairs- Google keeps asking about this ;)
Waldir Aranha Moreira Junior on Google

You take Chorizos, nachos, cold beers and add to the nice outside ambiance and music, then you have a nice time. Service is friendly and the outdoor area is great to have the kids along.
Linyu Yribarren on Google

I was enthusiastic when I listened salsa while I was walking around the Prater and said: let’s go there!! But, as soon as we got to the lobby of the restaurant, a big wall with a photo of Hugo Chavez welcomes me: they have a tribute wall to people that I consider criminals and a big fraud. Our people believe in them, they just destroyed my country… No way I could stay.

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