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Address :

Schubertring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +88
Postal code : 1010
Website : https://www.dstrikt.com/
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City : Wien

Schubertring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
Hans Dijkema on Google

Excellent steaks and an extensive wine selection. The Service is impeccable! I really enjoyed my evening. One thing they can improve are the average tables. For me it was definitely worth it but the aged steaks wine and service come with a price tag . This place is definitely a recommendation if you are in the mood for steak 🥩!
Anna Krav on Google

Excellent service! Good food if you go for meat and steak, which has its price of course:) Relaxing atmosphere in the city center
Claudia Bardales-Barreto on Google

Ok. Wow. Nobu who? This restaurant is divine, spectacular, stunning. The bar is perfect. The service is magnificent and the good is scrumptious. We had an absolutely fantastic supper.
Clemens Jungmair on Google

My evening was a huge disappointment! I hope that the Ritz Carlton management gets to read this review. To put it in short words, my food was not tasty and the service quality was shocking and embarrassing the Ritz Carlton brand. We started the evening with an aperitif and asked the waiter if he could already bring us the bread (“cover”/“Gedeck”) while we were looking at the menu and deciding what to order. He refused to bring the bread as it can only be brought after placing the food order. While I was confused about this inflexibility, it turned out that the bread never arrived. In fact, we sat at the restaurant for >1 hour when the steak arrived and we were actually still waiting for the bread. Along our night, many minor mistakes happened (e.g. no refilling of glasses, not removing the menus/empty bottle, not removing unnecessary cutlery). Those examples simply showed that the waiters were insufficiently trained. The fact that the waiter could not advise/explain me a drink from the menu as he has never tried it serves as another example. Moreover, serving the wine caused another confusing situation. The waiter served the wine through a measure cup but had to return as the bottle only contained half the portion. Moreover, we were not given the opportunity to try the wine before accepting it. Talking about my disappointment of the meat, it was not cooked at the quality I desired (also considering the price level). I perceived it as neither tasty nor tender. Therefore, I confronted the waiter and sent it back to the kitchen. After a few minutes the manager brought me back the meat (cut in pieces) stating that the meat was well cooked. My partner and I ended up eating cold steak (which I sent back for a reason) with cold side dishes. Moreover, I ate the steak with a regular knife since the waiter forgot to bring me a new steak knife, which was another service mistake. After the dinner, I confronted the manager with my disappointment. However, he did not want to hear my complaints and clearly stated that in his opinion the missing bread was the only mistake. When leaving the restaurant he wished me lots of fun and enjoyment at a junk food place (Döner) the next time I eat out. Sorry dear Ritz company, but especially the behavior of your manager cannot be excused under any circumstance.
Emanuele Tommasino on Google

Best brunch in town so far. Food: 8/10 high quality food. Well presented and good selection. I would add more cheeses to the selection. The Tartare was sublime. Ambience: 8/10 very nice ambience. Relaxed anc cozy. Service: 8/10 very attentive Wine: 6/10 the Gewürztraminer was ok. Not outstanding Price: 8/10 worth the money.
Maria Germasheva (Mariah) on Google

Highly recommend the place! Delicious steak, which melt in the mouth. Fresh bread, fresh and crispy olives and vegetables were given as compliment. Very attentive personal, friendly and knowledgeable. Have broad and great selection of wine by glass. Definitely will return.
Shazel S. on Google

We tried this Steak Brunch (every Sunday). It was very good! The service is top, well-organised, friendly, accommodating and attentive. The food is great and will definitely come back again for it!
Michael S. Chandler on Google

Great place to spend an evening. Menu was less varied than I would have liked at such an expensive place, but the staff made up for it. Great wine list as well. Menu a bit cryptic, but food was great

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