Dönermeister - Neubaugürtel 38

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Neubaugürtel 38, 1070 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +899
Postal code : 1070
Website : http://www.donermeister.at/
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City : Wien

Neubaugürtel 38, 1070 Wien, Austria
Paul Wögerer on Google

Had a beef döner. It was really really nice. This place will see me again 🙂
Phcgj 9Ubn3 on Google

Ordered 1x beef 1x chicken box. Beef was a bit dry but all in all very good. Only thing, they mixed fries with rice. Let's come the chicken. Was impossible to eat, chicken wasn't done and still raw. That was disgusting, sorry.
yustina rahman on Google

have good and fresh vegetarian food with affordable price
Elke Tomašič on Google

The vegan durum was unfortunately way too salty, hardly any vegetables and basically inedible. The kebab was a lot better because the delicious bread masked the salty taste. They should add less of that jackfruit meat and more vegetables. Still great to see a place like this to offer a variety of vegan options.
Niko Wiener on Google

very unique offer compared to all the other doner places and even some delicious vegan variants
iyimide martins on Google

Oh the diner here was 💯, yummy and filling. The staffs were friendly and managed to speak English to me.
Njegos Nezic on Google

Best Döner in the City in my opinion. The Beef is to die for, real meat.
Sebastian Pop-Bungardean on Google

Excellent kebab, both chicken and beef with nice spices and sauces. The meat is cut by knife. Clean place with a normal system (which in Vienna is not so common) with one employee with the cash register and the cooks taking care only of the kebab.

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