Domino's Pizza - Neubaugasse 63

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Neubaugasse 63, 1070 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +799
Postal code : 1070
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City : Wien
Description : Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.

Neubaugasse 63, 1070 Wien, Austria
Dacha D on Google

Very good location. Fast and quality. Pizzeria for recommendation. Very friendly staff.
Samantha Viana on Google

Finally a REAL American pizza in Vienna. Best pizza of Vienna. Don’t be cheap and add extra cheese! I promise you won’t regret.
Sándor Veres on Google

TERRIBLE! Pizza would be ok but they completely ruin it with the customer service. Make yourself a favour and order from somewhere else. Delivery guys can’t read the address, 8 out of 10 times they go to wrong stiege. You try to order, website says there was an error and you should call them… you call them and then they cant speak german or english… you try talk to 5 (FIVE) people on the phone until you can make your order. Then after 2 hours later, you call them again, to ask about the status of your order and they tell you that they won’t deliver it. After so much trouble you get to order and then they don’t deliver. They can’t even call you to tell that the order they TOOK ,won’t be delivered for some reason. Not delivering after taking the order is bad already, but they can’t even call you to tell you? Tried my luck a few month later, the driver couldn't find the door to the apartment even when we talked on the phone and I gave him instructions. The shop called me again, told ME to go down to the driver.... I then went downstairs and the driver was nowhere. Called back the shop and I was told to wait because the driver is not there...
Buddhas Fury on Google

Very complicated to order if you want to use coupon codes. You have to order online if you want to get your discount. The Pizza wasn't that great. It was too thick and way too greasy. Also the amount of sweetnes wasn't to my liking.
Vladan Garic on Google

What is there to say about Domino's? Never actually been to their restaurants personally, but I do order food from this place. Everything goes smooth always, we get out orders as we ordered them, and most importantly the way they make pizza is amazing. Five stars here
Aleksandra Belitskaja on Google

Was super excited to finally see Domino's in Vienna. However it is nothing like UK Domino's or even Australian... It's a completely different concept and recipee. Tastes worse than a frozen pizza from spar which is frankly, hard to beat. But it's warm I guess. Cheese topping is fine, it's just melted cheese, but crust is just horrendous, tastes like plastic mixed with cardboard. How hard is it to make a decent pizza? Could Domino's UK not send in a chef to teach how they make it? This is sad, Vienna. Stop ruining everything I love.
Mircea Mocan on Google

As much as I love their pizzas whenever I add some extra toppings they tend to forget to put them on (and yes they said they can exchange the wrong pizza with the correct order) but waiting for a second pizza once the first one arrives is no fun at all. I do hope they hire some more competent staff in the nearby future. would love to order from them soon without having to worry about the order.
Yara Nahhas on Google

Today I went there with my friend. The pizza was great, but it had too much sauce. After I finished I told the man who was making the food. He told me that’s how the company wanted it, but that next time when I come here I should tell the person making it to put less sauce. The people there are really understanding and nice. The best part about it is that they can speak Arabic. They were so nice they even gave me a coupon.They deserve to get a raise! 😁😁

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