Carlo, Gelato Carlo - Hamerlingpl. 2

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Hamerlingpl. 2, 1080 Wien, Austria

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City : Wien

Hamerlingpl. 2, 1080 Wien, Austria
Mana M on Google

If you are looking for the best gelato in town, THIS is the place you should go to. Exquisite flavors, fantastic texture and the way you are welcomed as a customer make it evident how much the gelato maestro Carlo loves and respects quality and passion when it comes to the used raw materials and to his relationship with his customers. OUTSTANDUNG!!!
Jeff L on Google

best ice cream in Austria. Even better than some of the gelato in Milan/Rome. Highly recommended !
Olivia Achtelik on Google

My friends and I have accidentally bumped into this ice-cream parlor and were spontaneously invited to an amazing tasting. The lovely owner allowed us to try almost all flavours, which were excellent. He further showed us around and we were able to see the high quality ingredients they use at this place. I am a huge ice-cream lover and I can confidently say that this is one of the best places I have visited. Try their choclate ice-cream, even if you are otherwise not an choclate ice cream fan! Thanks, Carlo, for this amazing tasting!
Hannah Miles on Google

New favourite ice cream in Vienna! Amazing texture, flavour and service, and not expensive at all. Super friendly team who let you try out their flavours. Wishing you guys the greatest success!
Saptaswa Dey on Google

The fruit flavor ice creams are absolutely delicious, we visited the gelato upon reading about them on a newspaper. And it's really true that it's an "ice cream from another planet" :)
Franz-Albert Bauer on Google

Nerver had such a creamy ice before. The flavours are very elegant. The Ice is really sweet - but I like that. Great job!
Ivan Grabic on Google

The ice cream is very creamy, tasty and not too sweet. However, it is unnecessary heavy, which might not appeal to some. And IMHO that weight limits the full potential of taste and flavor. Simply compare the Sicilian Pistachio by Carlo and Schelato and you'll see what I mean. A major MINUS is the ridiculous packing policy when taking bigger box of ice, allowing only one flavor per 250ml with the silly explanation that in Carlos concept the different flavors should not touch. 🤦‍♂️
Phuonganh Havu on Google

Just open for a couple of months in this summer and now people are queuing up to buy its ice cream. Such a surprise! is it embarrassing when it is located next to my flat but I just tried it today?.But I know that now for sure this place is one of my favorite ice cream stores in Vienna. The texture is really nice.

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