Café Restaurant Oktogon AM HIMMEL - Himmelstraße 125

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Himmelstraße 125, 1190 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +98
Postal code : 1190
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City : Wien

Himmelstraße 125, 1190 Wien, Austria
Yulia Kuliashova on Google

Unfortunately my review won't change much because as I can see there were many negative comments but nothig has been changed so far and the attitude of the owner to critics is not really adequate. The view and the location is simply wonderful but the way the guests are treated there is sometimes fully inacceptable. The waiters are so arrogant and don't accept any critics. It's a shame because it's really a wonderful place but the service can spoil everything. But, as I have said, unfortunately it doesn't look like something is going to change because they will always have guests.
Libia Constanza Pozar on Google

Extremely impolite and rude service. We order some basic stuff like Töpfen Strudel and Ice cafe. After waiting for a long time, we were not happy with the quality and overall presentation of the food (Strudel was old and the Vanilla Sauce was reduce with water). We decided to tell the weitress who proceeded to change the cake not without some distasteful comments. When it was time to pay she brought the receipt, we paid what she said we had to pay and decided to leave but then she came back complaining that we hadn't paid the cake she had exchanged. The comments she made and her attitude were totally uncalled for and it's a pity since the place has a nice view but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. This place is just a customer trap since there aren't a lot of options near by. We came with tourist visiting Vienna and they were stunned by the unfriendliness. If the owner does not agree with the reviews, then he/she should have a lengthy talk with his/her employees to improve overall customer service experience. I would never recommend visiting this place!
Jean Banzuela on Google

I enjoyed the coffee and the view of the city.
Simon Sladek on Google

Delicious coffee and great apple pie. Amazing view over the city.
Tariq on Google

Great place with a wonderful view. The food quality is very good. The service is their weakness. Don't get me wrong they occasionally nice but, the lecturing tone of voice just bring the worst in the place.
Thomas Loehlein on Google

Great view on the city. We had to wait a while for the food, which was actually quite good. Quite steep prices.
Christine Schiansky on Google

Beautiful they and great view, but service was very chaotic. We booked a table and nobody on the staff knew about it.
Karine Gonzales on Google

Did not even get a chance to taste the food since we were just ignored by the waiter! He seemed to be alone serving the dinning room and fully overwhelmed. After asking for the 5th time if we could order drinks, he replied impolitely accusing the wireless system do be down. 1 minutes later he was taking the oder our neighbouring table, arrived after us... (on his wireless device^^). We asked him why that: he simply decided he won't serve us and suggested us to write an email that he knows wont be read by the owner. Unacceptably rude.

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