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Florianigasse 19, 1080 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +897
Postal code : 1080
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City : Wien
Description : Elegant restaurant serving generous Persian delicacies & wines, plus vegan options.

Florianigasse 19, 1080 Wien, Austria
Mo Aminiyekta on Google

update: I've been there again few times recently and unfortunately they couldn't keep up with themselves! The food is ok but not as great as before. I hope they read this reviews and bring the quality back! I still leave my original review below 👇 This restaurant was recently opened in Vienna serving Persian food in a modern way as they described. The food was very delicious and fresh. I can argue that this is the closest taste you get to Persian food i had in Iran and by far the best Persian restaurant in Vienna. The staff were very friendly and had a very good knowledge about the origin of the food they serve. Highly recommended.
peter roehsler (nanookfilm) on Google

Time is money. When reserving a table you may want to make sure to note the duration of the time slot for dining granted by the management. Failing to pay close attention to this detail gets you an admonition by the waiting staff 15min before your time is up. In case you never heard of such a practice, in Arezu you can learn about it. Had you not had to wait some 20min for the main course, this time-stamp idea could have worked out nicely for the owners. Unfortunately we had to disappoint them by over-staying another 10 minutes, much to the chagrin of one senior staff member who personally took the trouble to confide to us that the next guests were already waiting for the table and how he did not want any conflict ... Food was `modern Persian´.
Anette on Google

Mixed reviews when it comes to food- some of us loved it, some of us were not impressed. I think the best idea is to ask the staff - they are super nice and happy to advise. The location itself is really modern and very elegant. Great place for a date!
Sina Shahnidanesh on Google

After some years of being away from Iran, I have finally had some good Persian food. The ingredients are fresh and the portions are good. The staff are also very warm and welcoming.
Francesco Tazzer on Google

Stunning place and delicious Persian cousine. We also got a free taste of green olives with pomegranates, a unique flavour or this amazing land and people.
Johannes-Sebastian Kremer on Google

Pretty place. Good wine menu. Goos food. Good bathroom. Very nice people. 5 stars. Great place Dwfintiely recommended we spent 120€ with tip together 3 people with starters main course and sweet dishes and bottle of red wine and other drinks It was fantastic I have to say that I have good standarda and safran rice I ate already better one but it was really delicious
Benjamin Wolf on Google

The food was absolutely outstanding and delicious, the drinks a delight! If you want to try out something extraordinary - modern Persian, yet with a pinch of Vienna - you should try out this place. Plus, the service was excellent and very attentive, with Mr. Afshin taking very good care of us. High recommendation!
Ine Gundersveen on Google

We went here in connection with the Wiener Restaurantwoche that the local authorities have initiated to help get the economy going again. It has given us the chance to check out places we've never been before - and Arezu was definitely worth a visit. The drawback for me personally is that we were obliged to opt for a menu with three courses, and normally a starter is all I can manage (in this case the starter was hummus with flat-bread - excellent), so by the time I was half-way through the main course (Lammspieß) I was so stuffed I wanted to lie to the floor rather than sit upright. The very sweet and funny server admonished me for not finishing my meal and then suggested he give us a break before bringing the dessert (ice-cream between wafers). Next time (there will definitely be one) we shall not opt for a full menu - at least I shall not. In fact, I might skip the main course and just have the starter and dessert, just like I used to do as a kid!

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