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Mollardgasse 76, 1060 Wien, Austria

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 1060
Website : https://aend.at/
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City : Wien

Mollardgasse 76, 1060 Wien, Austria
Wolfgang Fasching-Kapfenberger on Google

Very ambitious, young fine dining place in am area that is pretty much off typical foodie tracks. Not every culinary idea works but that's what makes this restaurant so exciting.
Alex H. on Google

I don't want to repeat everything that is already said in most other reviews. What I instead would like to highlight is the outstanding price performance ratio of the lunch and the fact that they are prepared for vegetarians. I was expecting 3 courses that are maybe larger than in the evening to simply fill people up but instead, aside from the obligatory bread, we received two amuse-bouche before the core courses and one additional desert. So in a way, it actually ended up being 6 courses. I don't know whether they always do this but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. Especially since it offset the fact that two of them were not according to my taste. (But still alright in an interesting way. No doubt about the quality and I appreciate the creativity. Haute cuisine obviously tends to be an adventure a lot of time...) The staff was as attentive and polite as you would expect from such an establishment.
Markus Seywerd on Google

Excellent food ams wine pairing. European food with a lovely Asian influence. Subtle yet on point spicing for a all the dishes. Excellent acidity levels in several of the dishes much overlooked by other chefs.
Alexander Vesely on Google

The lunch menu offers good value for money. In the evening I think the prices are too high for the quality delivered. It is definitely high end cooking but some of the combinations are quite strange and do not come up to the level of similar restaurants in Vienna. But definitely recommended for lunch
Vivien Richter on Google

Wonderful restaurant, straight forward and dedicated great cooking by a very passionate and skilled team. It was lovely to be here!
Ioana Negulescu on Google

A great dining experience with an exciting tasting menu and skilfully cooked dishes.
Tom st0ne on Google

1st time at AEND on an october evening in the middle of the world going crazy. well, inside you don t see any of that. it is as quiet and calm as can be, reflected also in the furniture and interior design. the tables have a table drawer which hides the cutlery. brilliant ! stuff is extremely friendly, obliging, fast and they also know what they place in front of you and how it was prepared. we had the small set menue , quite enough at least for me, containing not less then 12 courses, including greetings from the kitchen with mostly exellent wine pairing. really astonishing is the chefs talent to create dishes with only a few ingredients. the only hair in the soup - the last 2 desserts tended to get a little too sweet, but maybe just for me. but just see for yourself as soonas this chaos is over!
Elyana Gaertner on Google

Interior is very modern and has an open-kitchen concept. It is interesting to lok. at the chefs, when they prepare you dish and you have eye contact with them. We were late for 15 minutes and had chosen bigger and smaller menu. Probably because of that they were bringing dishes very fast. We were not even ready with one dish, when the plate was taken and waiter was bringing another one. Tastes are very different but there were 2 fish dishes, which were not good according to our taste. Wine list is very good though. Worst during this evening was, that when we were finishing our menu with desert, the personnel started demonstratively wash whole kitchen with Chlor and other cleaning utensils. Nowadays during this Corona times it is very good that restaurant is very clean and tidy, but this is not ok, for this level of restaurant to start cleaning during our stay. Tasting menu prices are quite high, so they absolutely could have waited until we leave.

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